What to expect during your appointment

You will be asked questions about your problem and symptoms and what you are looking to gain out of your treatment. Questions will include specifics about your problem and well as your medical history and medications. Osteopathy considers the body as a whole and you may be asked about other regions of your body, not just where the problem is occurring. 

Based on this you will then be advised if osteopathy is suited to your complaint or if you need to be referred.

If osteopathy is indicated, then you will undergo a full examination and relevant orthopedic tests. This will allow the osteopath to determine how best to manage your condition. 

Since osteopathy takes a whole body approach the osteopath will assess areas other than where your problem is. For example, if you present with back pain then the osteopath may also look at you ankle, knees and hips only after your consent first. 

Based on your specific finding the osteopathy will use manual therapy techniques to relieve tightness, increase mobility and promote healing.  

Most osteopathic techniques used by our practitioners do not cause undue discomfort. They may be mildly uncomfortable, however, they are never unbearable. The main concern of your osteopath is your comfort and help with your problem and they will always check in to see how you’re feeling. 

For 1-2 post treatment you may feel some mild discomfort similar to what is felt after mild exercise. If the soreness persists or increases significantly please contact Cherry Tree Osteopathy to discuss your concerns.


Following your treatment there will be in depth discussion explaining your complaint and your requirements for your management plan including dos and don’ts, exercises and stretches to minimize healing time.

How many appointments will I need?

This is really problem dependent. Generally, you should be experiencing changes in your symptoms after 1-2 treatments. However, long term and chronic complaints may require more treatment.

What should I wear?

It is important you feel comfortable. You will be expected to remove shoes, coats and belts to help your assessment. It is suggested you wear a comfortable shirt and pants or shorts to change into.

Can I bring a friend or relative?

Of course! You can always bring someone to your consultation

Should I bring my x-rays or scans?

Any x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, reports or letters from doctors are useful in the diagnosis and treatment of your problem so please bring them with you. 

Can I claim using my health care?

If you have extras cover including osteopathy then you can claim immediately from your health insurance provider. For your specific benefit amount it’s best to contact your provider.

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